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 Company shall endeavor to protect Health and Safety of their employees and others that are affected by its   activities. Company shall also limit adverse effects if any on the Environment in which their activities are carried   out.
 Company aims to prevent death or injury to any personnel, destruction or damage to vessel, cargo, property and   to prevent pollution to the environment.
 Company will comply with all statutory, regulatory and other requirements when necessary and required and   company shall ensure that they have an adequate HSE plan and program in place where required and   necessary.
 Company shall strive to improve working conditions at all times to minimize any accidents, damage, losses   while protecting the environment from pollution or waste caused by its activities.
 Company shall ensure employees are highly motivated, exercise self-discipline and are safety conscious at all   times.
 For successfully implementation of this policy company shall conduct periodic training sessions bringing about   awareness among all employees.
 This policy shall be implemented and maintained for all employees at all levels of the organization to ensure   continual improvement of HSE performance.